Gay vicar outed live on British TV

‘I suppose it was bound to come out eventually,’ Reverend Sally Hitchiner said after the interview

Gay vicar outed live on British TV
16 July 2014

Meet Reverend Sally Hitchiner, a British priest and one of the most modern voices in religion working today.

This week, she was asked to appear on current affairs programme Channel 5 News to discuss the Church of England finally allowing women to become bishops.

The 33-year-old has become notable in recent years for not being ‘traditional’, daring to wear Prada, post funny videos online, and still continue in her priesthood.

During the discussion presenter Matt Barbet left the priest speechless when he mentioned she happened to be a gay vicar, despite it never having been made public.

‘I suppose it was bound to come out eventually,’ she said after the interview, according to the Daily Telegraph.

‘My parents know. It is not as if anyone who loves me will be shocked.’

In an interview with The Daily Mail seven months ago, it was said ‘she has no children and doesn’t talk about her private life’.

Barbet insisted it was clear from his research she was already ‘out’ about her sexuality.

On Twitter, Hitchiner inferred many of her friends or colleagues did not know about her sexuality. She asked anyone who wanted to talk about it to message her privately.

Watch a recent interview with Sally Hitchiner on Loose Women below:



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