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Gays are allowed in the cadets, Philippine military says

Openly gay boys and girls are welcome to apply for this year’s intake of cadets
Cadets at the Philippine Military Academy

The Philippine Military Academy (PMA) announced yesterday that openly gay boys and girls were welcome to join the cadets.

PMA superintendent Major General Nonato Peralta said at a press briefing:

‘We will not reject them (homosexuals). We will not say that it is prohibited. We are not prohibiting it.’

An examination for this years intake of 350 cadets aged 13 to 16 will be on 26 August. Applicants have to be at least five-feet tall, physically fit, a natural-born Philippine citizen, unmarried, high-school graduate with ‘a good moral character’.

The PMA cadet program is four years and incorporates military and academic training.

Peralta said the youths who enter the cadet program become ‘well-rounded military officers’ and that after graduation ‘one is guaranteed of a progressive career as an officer in the army, navy or air force.’

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Even Pope Francis has condemned the current civil war in Syria where hundreds of people, many of them children, are suspected to have been killed, I read on , and another Vatican official said the country has "descended into hell." I am reserved when it comes to forming an opinion on this war.

I appreciate this interesting article! My brother has joined the Philippine Military Academy two years ago and he is very satisfied of what he learns there. He knows everything about shotguns and their Remington accessories.

I'm thinking of enlisting in the U.S. army after I graduate from university this spring. As in, I really want to do this, after reading, depending on MOS restrictions my red/green colorblindness impose on me. I'm gay and I'm curious if there's anyone out there with experience spending time in the military closet, or alternatively, you have associated with a soldier whom you knew was in the closet.