‘Gays can be cured’, a teacher in Venice tells his students

High school teacher's comments are slammed as 'Nazism' after they are posted by students on Facebook

‘Gays can be cured’, a teacher in Venice tells his students
22 January 2013

A high school teacher in Venice has made the headlines after telling his class of 14 to 16 year-olds that ‘gays can be cured’.

The Italian teacher also claimed ‘recognizing homosexuality could lead to the normalization of pedophilia’.

The news spread after a student at the Liceo Marco Foscarini high school published the 49-year-old teacher’s comments on Facebook.

Students had requested the religious studies teacher, Enrico Pavanello, give them a lecture on homosexuality because they wanted to learn about LGBT rights.

The teacher went to school with a hand-written note and gave it to the children.

He wrote: ‘Being gay is a choice and so people can be cured. This is an addiction and, fortunately, there are some places where this addiction can be eradicated.’

In fact so-called gay cures have been condemned as ineffective and potentially dangerous by global health organizations.

Alessandro Zan, a politician and LGBT activist from Padua, in the Veneto region, is now asking the director of the school ‘to censor the teacher’.

Zan said: ‘This man can not teach anything, this is a Nazi behavior and the school director should not allow this sort of things.’

Venice’s councillor responsible for education, Gianfranco Bettin, said: ‘This is discrimination and the Venice council is acting against it.

‘The discrimination is [common] among the students, but some teachers are ignorant as well,’ Bettin added.



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