Gays flock to see Prince Harry topless at London bar

The homoerotic mural of the British royal, which has a growing fanbase, can be seen in a Soho gay bar

Gays flock to see Prince Harry topless at London bar
24 November 2012

Prince Harry may be the British royal family’s bad boy, but appearing half-naked at a London gay bar was not what we were expecting.

Wishful thinking aside, the 28-year-old prince has actually been immortalised in a huge lifelike mural painted at a Soho club.

Currently on duty in Afghanistan, the blue-blooded hunk became a hit with gay people after he supported human rights causes.

Club director Chris Amos said: ‘It probably began when we started seeing him in his army uniform.

‘He’s a real man. He’s cheeky and sexy but he’s also decent.

‘That’s what makes him a role model for us, as well as being a gay icon.’

Amos said gays have been queuing up to have their pictures taken with the image, which was painted by homoerotic artist Mikes Bliss at the Manbar nightclub in Charing Cross.

In May, Prince Harry revealed his support for Ben Cohen’s anti-homophobic bullying charity.

The prince and rugby union star posed together after a charity football match celebrating the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO).



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