Gays OK in UK Boy Scouts

GSN loves that UK Boy Scouts told gay youth 'it gets better... today' one year ago

Gays OK in UK Boy Scouts
18 July 2012

Yesterday (17 July) the US Boy Scouts announced that the ban on gay members will be upheld.

While Bob Mazzuca,  executive of Boy Scouts of America, acknowledged that not everyone will be happy with the decision to uphold the anti-gay policy, a year ago the head of Boy Scouts UK had already gone viral with his support of gay youth.

Last May, the UK Chief Commissioner of The Scout Association Wayne Bulpitt joined Stonewall’s It Gets Better… Today campaign, recording his own video of encouraging words to gay teens.

‘In scouting we believe all young people, irrespective of their sexuality, gender, race, creed, or background, have an equal opportunity to develop and to be themselves,’ said Bulpitt.

Thousands of people around the world have contributed their own videos to the online It Gets Better campaign, originally launched in the US by writer and gay activist Dan Savage,

Mormon parents, US soldiers in Afghanistan and people in Latin America are among the few who have uploaded videos telling bullied gay teens that their lives will get better. 



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