‘Gays are sick perverts’ says Italian politician

Member of regional parliament of Veneto Santino Bozza calls gays 'sick perverts' that need 'a cure'

‘Gays are sick perverts’ says Italian politician
05 July 2012

‘Gays are ill and perverted and need a cure. They should not walk in the street in the daylight. Our children would be scared,’ said Italian politician Santino Bozza.

The new attack against LGBT people in Italy comes from the member of the regional parliament of Veneto in the north of the country.

Interviewed by the radio national programme La Zanzara, Bozza said: ‘In my party, the Lega Nord, there are no gay or lesbian politicians, that’s sure.

‘I don’t like children as they do. I’m old style and I think that a couple is only made of a man, with his penis, and a woman, with her vagina.’

LGBT Italian associations have asked for an official statement from the leaders of the Lega Nord party who have denied Bozza’s point of view.

Veneto’s governor Luca Zaia, Lega Nord, said: ‘Gays are not perverted or ill. Bozza has made a mistake.’

And Lega Nord’s secretary Flavio Tosi commented: ‘This is not the official position of my party. Our politicians must deal with the real problems of the people of the north.’

The party has a long tradition of demanding independence for the northern regions of the Mediterranean country.



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