Power Gays: Klara Vanova and the gender neutral hair salon

London's Barberette gives women a break with gender-neutral pricing for their hair

Power Gays: Klara Vanova and the gender neutral hair salon
22 June 2012

With an eye-catching quiff and her signature red-lipstick, Czech-born Klara Vanova is a hair-stylist who is passionate about hair.

Barberette is Vanova’s new salon in edgy Camden in North London.

‘I wanted to set up a place that was stylish, to create a feel that my clients can be whoever they want to be and bring out their personality within the hairstyle they ask me for or let me create. Everyone is treated equally and this is a gender neutral salon.’

A gender neutral salon is a new concept to me – I queried Vanova as to what makes Barberette gender neutral:

‘Generally, salons will have different prices for men and women, even if they have the same haircut. At Barberette the price is based on the service you receive, not your gender.’

‘I also want to build on my experience with Open Barbers – a really exciting hairdressing event for all genders and sexualities at the Chaps and Dames salon in Finsbury Park.  I want my clients at Barberette to feel free to be who they are – whether that’s gay, lesbian, trans or just a bit alternative. This needs to be a space where people can feel safe to talk about their partners, friends and lovers – as well as getting great hair.’

Vanova is also keen to bring her Barberette style to the hair of London’s lesbians: ‘Regular lady snippers just don’t get it. They’ll either give you a wispy, pixie version of the haircut you really want, or they’ll butcher your sides and square off your neck line. Cuts, clipper buzzing, shaves – it’s definitely going to be the style for the summer.’



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