George Clooney: ‘I will never deny gay rumors’

Hollywood silver fox heartthrob says denying rumors about his sexuality is 'insulting' to the LGBTI community

George Clooney: ‘I will never deny gay rumors’
06 December 2013

While rumors about his sexuality have got George Clooney laughing, he says denying them would be insulting to the LGBTI community.

The Hollywood silver fox has said he does not want to offend anyone by making a public denial about constant rumors he reads about on the internet.

Recalling the most exaggerated lie he’s ever read about himself, he said: ‘[A headline read] “George Clooney’s gay-gay-gay.”

‘And I said, “I’m gay-gay. The third one’s pushing it.”

‘Well now, [according to the internet] I’m gay.

‘You’re not going [to deny it] because that’s flat out insulting to the gay community.’

The 51-year-old also told UK’s Esquire in this month’s magazine that similar jokes have left him getting into trouble.

One memorable TV appearance asked if he had ever had plastic surgery, and Clooney replied he once ironed his testicles.

‘So now, long after I’m dead it’ll be, “George Clooney had his balls ironed”.’

The ‘Gravity’ actor is one of the most LGBTI-friendly men in Hollywood, fighting for marriage equality in the US and against homophobia.



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