George Michael feared brain damage after coma

The gay pop icon reveals he awoke from coma speaking in a different accent, and had to learn how to walk again

George Michael feared brain damage after coma
18 July 2012 Print This Article

The first words out of George Michael’s mouth when he awoke from his coma last year were: ‘I’m king of the world’.

Stranger than the remark was the accent he spoke in.

According to Michael, 48, he spoke in a West Country accent for two days after waking from the coma.

‘There’s nothing wrong with a West Country accent,’ said Michael, ‘but it’s a bit weird when you’re from North London’.

Such is the severity of the singer’s health condition last year.

In an interview with Radio 2’s Chris Evans, Michael spoke at length about his coma and battle with pneumonia last November that caused him to cancel numerous tour shows.

The singer said the accent came from his obsession with BBC’s Nighty Night, starring Somerset born Julia Davis.

The condition of waking from a coma speaking a different language or accent is known as Foreign Accident Syndrome, a rare condition usually associated with brain injury.

‘They were afraid I’d have it for life,’ said Michael.

He admitted that the severity of his pneumonia could have been avoided had he gotten a health check weeks earlier.

Instead, the pop star continued pushing on after canceling his show at the Royal Albert Hall.

‘I went and played for another three weeks in Europe,’ said Michael.

‘And then one afternoon I was having lunch and suddenly felt really odd and said to everyone that I need to go and lay down for half an hour on my own.’

‘And that’s the last thing I remember for five weeks. It was three weeks of them trying to save my life and two weeks awake.’

Michael said that during those two weeks he had to learn how to walk again.

Before relaunching his concert tour in Vienna where he was treated, the Wham! star confessed that he had to learn how to walk again.

‘When something like that happens in such a random fashion I think it takes a while to think that life is safe again’.

Michael also confirmed he is scheduled to perform at the Olympics closing ceremony starting 12 August. 



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