George Takei to guest star in Archie comic

Star Trek actor will feature in an upcoming issue of Kevin Keller

George Takei to guest star in Archie comic
21 June 2012

Kevin Keller will have a special guest star, gay actor George Takei.

The Star Trek actor will make a guest appearance in issue #6 of the Archie Comics title, Buzzfeed has confirmed.

Takei agreed to appear in the series after meeting artist and writer Dan Parent, a life-long fan of the science fiction star, during a comic convention.

When Parent pitched the idea of Keller meeting his dream idol by chance in a future issue, he said Takei was ‘thrilled’.

Archie Comics made international headlines when Keller married his doctor boyfriend in issue #16 of Life With Archie, sold in stores like Toys R Us.

Life With Archie #16 was targeted by anti-gay group One Million Moms, saying ‘children are now being exposed to gay marriage in a toy store.’

Soon after the spike in publicity for the issue, the comic sold out.

People will have another chance to buy the gay marriage issue, after it was revealed it will be reprinted exclusively for San Diego Comic-Con International.

Although Takei first shot to fame as Sulu in Star Trek, he has become more known for his LGBT advocacy work. In June 2012, the American Humanist Association gave him the LGBT Humanist Award.

The Kevin Keller issue starring Takei will be out in October. 



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