George Takei: Star Trek co-star William Shatner’s outrage over not being invited to his 2008 wedding was fake

'He needed publicity and the best way to get publicity is to create a controversy'

George Takei: Star Trek co-star William Shatner’s outrage over not being invited to his 2008 wedding was fake
25 January 2013

George Takei and William Shatner are forever linked by their roles as Sulu and Kirk on the original Star Trek television series and feature films.

But the best of friends they are not.

In interviews this week with Joy Behar on Current TV and with Metro Weekly, Takei brings up the public squirmish the two had in 2008 when Takei married husband Brad Altman and Shatner claimed to have not been invited as the rest of the Star Trek had been.

‘He did get an invitation,’ Takei says in the Metro Weekly interview. ‘ We wanted to be inclusive so we sent invitations to every one of the members of the cast. And we heard from every one of them except Bill. Which was not surprising, because that’s Bill’s modus operandi.’

Takei, who came out publicly in 2005, claims that Shatner does not usually participate in Star Trek gatherings of the former cast.

‘… We weren’t surprised when Bill didn’t RSVP for our wedding,’ Takei said. ‘We said, ‘It’s typical Bill.’

But two months after the wedding, Shatner went on YouTube to publicly complain that he wasn’t invited to the wedding.

‘We were absolutely baffled,’ Takei said. ‘I mean if he wanted to come – and maybe something happened to the mail — he could have phoned us. Why go public two months later when there’s no point to it?’

Takei said he got his a short time later when he and Altman were driving down Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

‘… There’s this huge billboard that reads ‘William Shatner’s Raw Nerve,’ his new talk show. He needed publicity and the best way to get publicity is to create a controversy,’ Takei concluded.

Takei said he got further confirmation of his theory when Shatner appeared on The Howard Stern Show to promote a book.

‘Howard asked him about our wedding and so forth, and he went into that rant again. Then Howard said, ”Well, what do you think of Brad?” And Bill says, ‘Who’s Brad?’ He had no idea of my husband’s name, no idea who Brad was. They had to tell him. He’s the guy that George married. He’s George’s husband. And he sputtered a bit. He does it all for publicity.’



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