Geraldo Rivera speculates ‘lesbian cabal’ is running US Dept of Homeland Security

Makes comments during appearance on Fox and Friends telecast

Geraldo Rivera speculates ‘lesbian cabal’ is running US Dept of Homeland Security
17 August 2012 Print This Article

Geraldo Rivera is no stranger to controversy and earlier today (17 August), he invited more.

During an appearance on Fox and Friends, the veteran broadcaster was involved in a discussion about a top aide to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano who has taken leave amid charges of sexual harassment and anti-male discrimination.

Said Rivera: ‘I have a question, is this subtext of the Department of Homeland Security scandal — that there is some kind of lesbian cabal, that it’s a same-sex takeover of the big agencies?’

When the hosts asked him to answer his own question Rivera said: ‘I don’t know, it seems like everyone is talking around it. Is that really what people are saying? That men are disadvantaged because women and specifically lesbians are ruling the roost there?’

‘I mean it just seems like everyone is dancing around and kind of making these inferences,’ he added.

Earlier this summer, Rivera caused a firestorm when he said that he believed the hoodie Florida teen Trayvon Martin was wearing on the night of his death was as much responsible for the tragedy as George Zimmerman, the man who is charged in his shooting. He later apologized to Martin’s parents.



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