Get your kilt on for Glasgow gay pride

Celebrate Scotland's largest and most diverse pride festival event in style this Saturday

Get your kilt on for Glasgow gay pride
11 July 2012

Pride Glasgow, Scotland’s largest LGBT pride festival returns to George Square on Saturday (14 July) with the biggest event yet.

The event will kick off with a parade assembling at Kelvingrove Park at noon marching its way to Glasgow city centre and arriving to George Square at 1.30pm. On arrival at the square a rally will take place with speakers and then the celebrations begin with a fantastic street part at the square all the way to a fabulous after-party.

Spearheading this year’s event is UK X Factor winning pop star Joe McElderry with performances from singers Ryan Jagger, The Cheeky Girls, Loyd Daniels, Barbara Bryceland and Jai McDowall to name a few.

Ross Stevenson festival director told Gay Star News: ‘This year is no doubt Scotland’s biggest pride event and we’re really pleased with the line-up.’

The festival is to be launched a few days before the Scottish government makes an announcement on its much expected decision to legislate for equal marriage. To Stevenson, Pride Glasgow Festival will provide an opportunity for Scotland’s ‘LGBT community to come together to celebrate or to peacefully protest and push for the decision’.

This year’s festival will see a range of events, starting today 11 of July, an official launch party at AXM Club, the official sponsors of the festival. A diverse and exciting range of fringe events, parties and shows will animate Glasgow up to Monday (16 July).

During Saturday (14 July) there will be several parties and events all day long culminating in an after party, ‘Proud’ at AXM, with Gaydar Radio’s famous DJs, Phil Marriott and Alex Baker, the event will be broadcast live on gaydar radio.

Many other events will be happening throughout the festival including a girls’ party at AXM, a bear night out at the Underground bar, a musical, various shows, and even an event based on lesbian TV drama Lip Service, which is set in Glasgow.

There will also be a big market place with community groups, shops, arts and campaign groups, and in addition the House of Frasier department store are running their own makeup/makeover events during the pride day as well as having a window dedicated to pride

A full and complete line up of the events can be found on the Pride Glasgow website and the official Pride Guide for 2012.

Glasgow is Scotland’s biggest and most diverse city. It also boasts Scotland’s largest and most varied gay scene, with many different bars, clubs, lounges, restaurants and shops.

The city is also famous for its cultural attractions and turn of the century art-deco architecture.

Glasgow is also ideally located for excursions into the Highlands, with stunning locations such as Loch Lomond, the scenic Ayr coast, the Isle of Aran and Inverary only a short ride away and easily accessible by public transport.
If you’re looking for a place to stay, try the luxury boutique Indigo Hotel with different bespoke design themes reflecting the diversity of Glasgow. It’s located right in the city center.



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