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Ghanaian politician claims Africa can resist West on gay rights by trade boycott

Retired Ghanaian MP Mike Ocquaye believes African countries will be able to resist Western nations’ calls for Africans to stop persecuting gay people by refusing to buy any Western goods
Mike Ocquaye
Photo by Tonyr68uk

Mike Ocquaye, deputy speaker of Ghana’s Parliament until January last year, believes that a closer relationship with Asia and refusing to buy products produced by Western nations will allow African countries to resist efforts to curb the persecution of LGBTI people across the African continent.

‘They should think again,’ Ocquaye was reported as saying by GhanaWeb over the weekend, ‘The balance of trade between African nations and Western nations shows that they have huge surpluses in their favor.’

‘Western Banks, telephone companies, oil companies, cocoa-buying companies benefit tremendously from us.’

Ocquaye suggested building tighter trade relationships with Asia would allow Africans to survive such a boycott – though both the countries he suggested as likely partners do not criminalize gay people.

‘China is also beckoning. Japan is available,’ Ocquaye said.

‘Other countries who are ready to respect our humanity should be found and we should find these as soon as possible.’

‘If the Western nations require us all to boycott them, then they have caused it. Africa can take a number of economic steps which will hurt the West and can hurt the West.’

Ocquaye made the comments in response to the World Bank deciding to suspend a $90 million loan to Uganda over its passing new draconian laws that further criminalize homosexuality.

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