Ghanaian prison worker prosecuted after seeking gay friends

A prison worker is being prosecuted in Ghana after an online profile he set up to seek gay friends inadvertently resulted in a Christian minister being accused of being gay on the front page of a daily newspaper

Ghanaian prison worker prosecuted after seeking gay friends
04 October 2012

A prison officer in Ghana is being prosecuted after he advertised online to seek gay friends, resulting in the unexpected outcome of a Christian minister making a complaint to police.

According to All Ghana News, prison officer Daniel Adzibolo has been bailed to reappear in court on October 5 as a result of being charged with impersonation after he set up an online profile with his phone number and details seeking gay friends.

However a photograph of Christian minister the Rev. David Frimpong Boateng appeared on the web page alongside Adzibolo’s details, which resulted in Frimpong Boateng being accused of being gay on the front page of Accra’s The Moment newspaper alongside five other men under the headline ‘Ghana Gays Exposed.’

The Moment’s editor, Francis Bruce, used the article to allege that Frimpong Boateng was gay, but turned witness after Frimpong Boateng complained to police, telling them how he had found the men’s photos on a website which catered to gay men.

Police took Adzibolo in for questioning after tracking him down in May last year and told the court that he had admitted during an interrogation to putting his details and phone number on the website.

However Adzibolo claims not to know how the Rev. Frimpong Boateng’s photo appeared on the website alongside his details.

Consensual sex between people of the same-sex is only a misdemeanour offence in Ghana. However LGBTs face widespread discrimination in the West African nation.



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