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Giant image of a shirtless Vladimir Putin in pink hot pants pops up at G-A-Y Bar

London hotspot makes colorful statement against Russia's anti-gay law
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Anti-gay Russian President Vladimir Putin popped up at the most unlikely of places Tuesday night: one of the most popular gay bars in London.

And not only that, he was shirtless, preening and wearing only a pair of skimpy pink hot pants.

It was actually an image of Putin - with an LGBT Pride rainbow behind him - projected up onto the side of G-A-Y Bar on Old Compton Street in Soho.

The establishment, owned by Jeremy Joseph, is one of the bars that has banned the serving of Russian vodka in protest of that country's anti-gay propaganda law championed by Putin.

The controversial law has come under intense scutiny in recent months - especially as the 2014 Winter Olympics draw nearer because they are scheduled to take place in Sochi.

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