Google employees speak out for gay marriage

Google launched a video in support of marriage equality featuring its employees

Google employees speak out for gay marriage
26 October 2012

Google released a short video this week featuring several of the company’s employees speaking out in favor of marriage equality.

The video, titled “Googlers Supporting Marriage Equality,” was as part of a partnership between Google and The Four, a campaign group working to promote marriage equality in the four US states where the issue will put to a referendum during election day — Washington, Maryland, Minnesota and Maine.

The video features several Google employees, some of whom are gay, explaining why they support marriage equality.

‘I support marriage equality, as well as many of my friends and colleagues here at Google,’ says Julio, a YouTube employee in the video’s introduction.

 A gay Google employee said on the video: ‘My partner and I are actually engaged, and finding a way to get married right now is kind of tough.’

A lesbian Google employee stated: ‘Every time I fill out a medical insurance form, I have to check single’.

A gay employee said: ‘If you’re in Washington, Maine, Minnesota or Maryland now you have the chance to negate fear and prejudice.’

‘Civil rights should never be up for a vote. But the fact that it is means we have to get people behind the cause as much as possible’, said another.

The Four campaign was founded by gay rights and progressive political activists Brain Ellner, Ryan Davis and Andre Banks.

Blue State Digital, a new media firm with ties to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, designed the group’s website.

The video follows a worldwide campaign by Google launched this year to advocate marriage equality rights in countries where it has offices.

Taiwanese media also reported yesterday that Google will be joning the Pride parade in Taipei for the second consecutive year and is urging its staff to participate. It will be sending cheerleaders and offering "free hugs".

Other major technology companies, including eBay, Amazon and Microsoft, have also supported marriage equality.

Watch the video:



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