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Google to partner with South Korean Queer Festival in 15th year

LGBTI friendly information technology giant Google has announced it will be official partners with the 2014 Korea Queer Festival – which starts with a street parade on 7 June and runs until 15 June
A festival event in 2012
Photo by Facebook

Google will be one of the biggest corporate partners of the 2014 Korean Queer Festival in June as the event celebrates its 15 year.

Begun in 2000, the event, held in the South Korean capital of Seoul, has grown into one of the largest LGBTI pride events in Asia and organizers are expecting 20,000 to take part this year.

This year’s theme for the festival is ‘Love Conquers Hate,’ and following the 7 June opening parade will be a week-long calendar of exhibitions, performances, parties and an LGBTI film festival.

‘Diversity is an important part of Google’s culture, and we officially support sexual minorities through participation in Korea’s largest queer cultural festival as a partner,” a Google Korea spokesperson told Korea JoonAng Daily.

A spokesperson for the Korea Queer Festival encouraged not just LGBTIs to attend but also members of the general public who wanted to better understand their issues.

‘The queer cultural festival is not only for sexual minorities but also for the general public to enjoy and share different opinions,’ a spokesman for the festival said.

‘Interest and participation of the general public have been increasing every year.’

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