As governor of Mass, Mitt Romney had chilly encounter with group of gay constituents

Republican presidential nominee said: 'I didn’t know you had families'

As governor of Mass, Mitt Romney had chilly encounter with group of gay constituents
11 September 2012

David Wilson and Julie Goodridge, two of the plaintiffs whose case led to the legalization of marriage equality in Massachusetts, have spoken to Boston Spirit magazine about a chilly 20 minute meeting with then-Governor Mitt Romney in 2004.

They were part of a group who were trying to get Romney to follow that state’s supreme court ruling and allow same-sex couples to get married.

Romney was unmoved and said at one point: ‘I didn’t know you had families.’

Wilson tells the magazine: ‘It was like talking to a robot. No expression, no feeling.’

Goodridge was left in tears after an exchange that left her convinced that Romney had ‘no capacity for empathy.’

She had said to him: ‘Governor Romney, tell me – what would you suggest I say to my 8 year-old daughter about why her mommy and her ma can’t get married because you, the governor of her state, are going to block our marriage?’

Replied Romney: ‘I don’t really care what you tell your adopted daughter. Why don’t you just tell her the same thing you’ve been telling her the last eight years.’

Goodridge tells Boston Spirit that she was speaking of her biological daughter.

Romney had described the meeting to the press as ‘pleasant.’



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