Graham Norton splits from long-term boyfriend

Most popular chat show host in the UK says he is 'self-conscious' of saying he loves his partner in front of his friends

Graham Norton splits from long-term boyfriend
11 June 2013

Irish gay host Graham Norton has broken up with his boyfriend of two years.

The ‘Graham Norton Show’ host and Father Ted actor has reportedly split with Canadian software designer Trevor Patterson.

Asked whether he was in love, The Mirror reports Norton said: ‘No, not at the moment.’

When the most popular talk show host in the UK was told someone would be lucky to have him, he responded: ‘If only now, if only now. Tweet me.’

The Irish star admitted he liked living alone, with just his two dogs Bailey and Madge for company.

In October last year, Norton admitted he would be too ‘embarrassed’ to get married.

‘I would be very cautious about going down that road,’ he told Closer magazine.

Before meeting Patterson in 2011, Norton dated boy-toy Kristian Seeber and writer Scott Michaels.

In March this year, Norton broke a world record for asking the most questions on a TV chat show and raised over £1 million for Comic Relief.



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