Grandma, 72, writes gay marriage love song with help from God

A woman with eight grandchildren has composed a song for her lesbian niece and fiancée's upcoming wedding

Grandma, 72, writes gay marriage love song with help from God
30 May 2013

A grandma of eight, 72, has written a gay marriage song that she believes may have been a result of divine intervention.

Sherri Gray, from Nashville, Tennessee, took to a (slightly) out-of-tune piano and poured her heart out. She was inspired by her lesbian niece and fiancée’s upcoming wedding in August.

The song, ‘What If We Are Just Like You? (Shannon and Lisa’s Song)’, might be performed by Gray at the girls’ wedding in Columbus, Ohio.

‘I’m not an activist, but I get goddamn mad by narrow-mindedness and prejudice and crazy stuff,’ she told Gay Star News.

‘My belief is who are we to say what is a soul? What color, what gender, what nationality is a soul? How can we put a label on anybody?’

While Gray doesn’t go to church she feels like ‘divine intervention’ may have been involved, as she hasn’t written a song in decades.

‘I’m not a religious nut but I think the universe, God, someone said “OK here you go kiddo, here’s another song.” It just came to me,’ she said.

When her niece and fiancée heard the song, they called it the ‘best wedding gift ever’ and asked her to perform it at their reception.

Gray said: ‘It’s not just for all LGBT people, as there are a heck of a lot of people who love folks who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

‘We’re not all crazy, we’re not all nutjobs, and we don’t hate all LGBT people.’

Gray said her dream is if a LGBT organization took on the song and performed it, saying she envisions it as being sung by a group.

Check out the song below:



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