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Greens Party will move bill to recognize overseas same-sex marriages in Australia

The Australian Greens Party will move a bill which aims to ensure overseas same-sex marriages are recognized in Australia and will be screening an election TV commercial urging supporters of marriage equality to vote for the party
Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young
Photo: Australian Greens

Australian Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young has promised to move a bill recognizing overseas same-sex marriages to a vote before the end of the month.

‘The Greens care about all Australians, regardless of their sexuality, and that’s why we will keep standing up for the LGBTI community until we achieve equality,’ Hanson-Young said.

‘Thousands of same-sex couples in Australia are being forced to travel overseas to wed and this government is making them leave their marriage certificates at the customs gate when they return.

'The Greens’ Bill in the Senate would see those weddings recognized in Australia in the same way as everybody else’s and I plan to move that Bill to a vote before this Parliament rises.

‘Recognizing the marriage a couple has had overseas just makes good sense. Denying these marriages once people arrive in Australia is silly and out-dated and can so easily be changed.’

The Australian Greens say the Australian Government and Opposition have blocked another vote on their bill to outright legalize same-sex marriage and are hoping to get the Overseas Marriages Recognition Bill through in the meantime.

It is unknown yet whether Australian Opposition leader will allow a conscience vote for his MPs on such a bill but he has ruled out a conscience vote on allowing legal same-sex marriages to be performed in Australia.

If Australia moves to recognize overseas same-sex marriages but not perform them it will join Israel as countries that do so.

The Greens have also put the issue of same-sex marriage at the forefront of their election campaign, releasing a television commercial urging supporters of marriage equality to vote for them.

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