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Group of Lady Gaga 'Little Monsters' make ludicrous AIDS claim about Madonna

They are upset Madonna will present GLAAD Media Award to Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper may be 'incredibly excited' that Madonna is presenting him with a GLAAD Media Award this month but a group of Lady Gaga fans is livid.

So livid, in fact, that they sent an open letter to GLAAD calling the selection of Madonna to present Cooper with the Vito Russo Award 'an insult to a true gay rights activist like Lady Gaga.'

Then the group makes this claim: 'Madonna is one of the major reasons for AIDS. Back in the 1980’s, she encouraged gay men to have unprotected sex. While she certainly didn’t start the disease, she and her lack of morals helped it spread.'

They added: 'Please rethink your choice of having Madonna as a presenter. If you don’t, we Little Monsters will strike back in a way you won’t like.'

The littlemonsterartpop blog on which the letter originally appeared has been removed and can no longer be accessed.

Madonna has supported several AIDS organizations over the years and in 2008 was honored for the second by the American Foundation for AIDS Research (AmFAR). She was first honored by AmFAR back in 1991 (see video below).

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