Growing fast: What’s Gay Star News’ secret?

How a quality, tailored service and the latest technology can help you reach our affluent audience

Growing fast: What’s Gay Star News’ secret?
05 October 2012

There’s no big mystery to why Gay Star News is the world’s fastest-growing media platform for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people.

It’s just about delivering a quality, tailored service. When you join us, you’ll see for yourself how we harness the latest technology to connect you with a quality, affluent audience that others can only dream of.

Our audience loves the fact we’re the world’s first 24 hour a day, seven day a week news and information service about LGBT people.

They rely on us for quality reports from our experienced journalists working in different time zones around the globe.

Our correspondents work to a strict ethical and professional code under experienced editors. So everyone knows they can trust what we are writing about whether it’s news, travel, entertainment, lifestyle coverage, products or features. (If you’re not yet a reader, check us out! It doesn’t matter what sexuality you are, if you want to reach LGBT customers, we guarantee you’ll learn things from us you need to know.)

We choose our clients carefully – and, yes, we have turned some away. That’s because we aren’t just selling advertising. What we are doing is much more valuable: it’s educating our audience about you, helping them to trust you and then converting them for you. We’re not going to risk that relationship with our audience on products and services we don’t believe will work for them. That would damage us more than you and undermine us with our next client.

But if you’re serious about reaching the global LGBT markets, you’ll find we are serious about helping you…

Get in touch with our sales team for more information.



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Dutch minister slams Pope for gay hate Christmas message

Netherlands foreign affairs minister Frans Timmermans blasts head of the Catholic Church for gay marriage attack
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Lesbian couple exiled from village in Punjab

Swaran Kaur and Harsharan Kaur banned from village and disinherited by family in northern India
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Trans Tube killer guilty of manslaughter

Killer of lawyer Sonia Burgess cleared of murder but found guilty of manslaughter
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Israeli Health Ministry proposes to allow surrogacy for gay couples

Israel’s Health Ministry has put forward a proposal to allow same-sex couples access to surrogacy in Israel while 65 babies born to surrogates in Thailand will begin to join their gay parents in Israel
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US soccer pro who used gay slur suspended for three games

Houston Dynamo midfielder Colin Clark says: 'I intend to never use those words again'
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Atomic Kitten revealed for Manchester Pride

Whole Again singers to headline LGBTI event's Big Weekend
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Petition with more than 45,000 signatures delivered to Catholic high school that fired gay teacher

Ken Bencomo was fired after 17 years when his marriage made the news
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Feminists flash in Notre Dame against Pope's anti-gay stance

FEMEN protest group bare breasts and shout 'no homophobe' and 'bye bye Benedict' in Notre Dame cathedral in Paris
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