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Growing number of Spanish Catholics think their church should marry gay couples

New research has tracked the huge divide in acceptance of social issues such as gay marriage and abortion between Catholics in the developing and developed worlds and shows Spain leading the way
A Spanish Catholic Cathedral
Photo by Sir James

A Voice of the People poll has found that close to one-in-four Spanish Catholics would like their church to start marrying same-couples as part of a global snapshot of where ordinary Catholics stand on social issues.

Only 27% of Spanish Catholics still say they oppose civil same-sex marriages though another 9% did not answer the question.

Of the 64% who said they supported civil same-sex marriages 43% said they believed the Catholic Church should allow same-sex couples to wed, while 48% thought civil marriages were enough for same-sex couples.

The Voice of the People poll sought the opinions of Catholics from 12 countries around the world and the results show a huge divide between developed and developing world Catholics when it comes to a range of social issues.

The polling was carried out on behalf of the Univision Spanish language American television network in Uganda, Spain, the US, Brazil, Argentina, France, Mexico, Italy, Colombia, Poland, the Philippines and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo tied as countries where Catholics were most opposed to LGBTI rights issues, with 99% saying they opposed both civil and religious same-sex marriages.

Catholic Filipinos were also staunchly anti-gay marriage with 83% opposed to gay civil marriages and even among those who supported same-sex marriage almost none thought they should occur in churches.

Opposition to the idea of gay church weddings was only slightly lower in Poland, Italy, Mexico and Colombia – though 1-in-3 Argentinians who supported same-sex marriage were open to the idea.

The polling comes as the Vatican is itself seeking the views of ordinary Catholics on social issues in a consultation process which will examine, amongst other things, the church’s approach to same-sex relationships.

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