GSN loves dads who dress up!

Nils Pickert proudly admits to wearing women's clothes and nail polish to be a good role model to his five year-old son who likes to wear dresses

GSN loves dads who dress up!
31 August 2012

Nils Pickert proves it takes a real man to wear women’s clothes.

In an interview with German magazine Emma, Pickert explained that he wears women’s clothing to support his son, who at a young age is showing a preference for girls’ clothes.

Pickert says that the small southern German town they live in is very traditional and very religious, and that his son’s clothing preferences ‘are not only an issue for parents, they are the talk of the town’.

A picture of the father and his toddler wearing matching red dresses has gone viral.

‘Yes, I’m one of those dads, that try to raise their children equal’, said Pickert in the interview.

‘I’m not one of those academic daddies that ramble about gender equality during their studies and then, as soon as a child’s in the house, still relapse into those fluffy gender roles’.

According to the interview, classmates make fun of Pickert’s son, but seeing his father dress up as well has emboldended him to carry on.

I wonder how different my life would’ve turned out had my dad donned some pumps when he found me trying on my mom’s high heels…



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