GSN readers celebrate Gay Pet Week

Our readers have sent in pictures of their pets and we absolutely love them

GSN readers celebrate Gay Pet Week
15 June 2012

For the past week, Gay Star News readers have been showing us their pets and we cannot get enough of the cuteness.

We contacted our Twitter and Facebook followers to send us pictures of their pets in celebration of Gay Pet Week.

Gay Pet Week is an excuse to celebrate the fluffy, feathery, slimy, scaly, and any gay’s best friend.

It’s been a hard job, but we have managed to narrow the field to just 20 pictures.

From dogs to cats, rabbits to hamsters, the wonders of the home animal world have graced our emails.

One of our favorites was Scout (pictured), a baby basset hound, sent in by Sarah Ewing on Twitter.

Andy Woodfield sent in a picture of Mr Lukas, ‘the naughty little dog’ with a fetching red bandana, who is very proud to have two dads.

But could it get any better than Maggie, sent in by Ali H, who was named after Elizabeth Taylor’s character in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof? 

Look through the whole gallery of our furry friends here:  



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