GSN’s daily e-newsletter has launched

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GSN’s daily e-newsletter has launched
02 April 2012

We’re continuing to develop and listen to what our readers want from us. So our marketing team and a chimp (the Mailchimp species) have been busy in the GSN office creating a free daily newsletter.

With a round up of the day’s global news sent directly to your inbox it really is easy to catch up on all the latest headlines.

We know you like to be social, so each story has a Twitter and Facebook link so you can easily share a particular story to your followers too.

As we’re international we’ve picked a time for the newsletter to be sent out that is most convenient to all our readers. As always we value your feedback, so tell us what you think.

If you haven’t already, then sign up to our mailing list for up-to-date global LGBT news coverage. Signing up takes less than two minutes, it’s completely free and you can cancel at any time.

Finally, we would like to say a big thank you for your continued support in all things Gay Star News.



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Video made by Chelsea Clinton in support of gay marriage bills was blocked by NBC

Former First Daughter is a special correspondent for the network's news division
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Transsexual people can amend official gender without surgery, South Korean court rules

Five transmen win a court case in Seoul to get gender officially recognized without needing a genital operations
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Cameron must respond to Welsh minister David Jones attack on gay parents

It’s no longer acceptable for the British Prime Minister to please both sides on gay rights, his colleague Jones’ comments need to be condemned
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Sacha Baron Cohen set to woo Hong Kong lesbian in new film

Movie will be based on the true story of a Hong Kong billionaire who offered millions to the man who could woo his lesbian daughter
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Two men ‘cured’ of HIV with bone marrow transplant

Boston doctors believe Timothy Ray Brown, the Berlin Patient, was not just a one-off after two more patients are believed to have been 'cured' with cancer treatment
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Clint Eastwood comes out in support of gay marriage

Actor Clint Eastwood joins other Republican politicians in calling upon the US supreme court to remove ban on gay marriage
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World Pride or shame? Gay march divides London

Boris Johnson blamed for 'embarrassing' World Pride in London, despite thousands of LGBT marchers taking part
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Malawi suspends anti-gay laws

Malawi announced a moratorium on all anti-gay laws and their enforcement in order to encourage a public debate about decriminalising homosexuality
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REVIEW: Hotel du Vin, Cambridge

Classic and classy university town offers the perfect weekend getaway
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Anti-gay Twitter hashtag hijacked by 'Gaystapo'

@LGBTfacts' discriminatory tweets countered with humour