Half of British men think two gay dads shouldn’t raise children

Men and women are deeply divided on the issue of gay adoption, with women 70% in favor and with men 47% against

Half of British men think two gay dads shouldn’t raise children
06 March 2014

Half of British men think two gay dads cannot raise children as well as male-female couples, new research shows.

In a new survey, it shows men and women are deeply divided on whether gay men should become parents.

While 47% of men are opposed to a child being raised by two fathers, 70% of women are support gay couples adopting.

When it comes to lesbian partners raising children, views are softer, but a gender gap remains.

42% of men doubt same-sex female couples’ ability to raise children, in comparison to 27% of women.

While still not good enough, the statistics show a huge leap forward in the past 30 years.

In 1983, only 8% of the population were in favor with gay adoption, while 87% disagreed.

The analysis of the British Social Attitudes survey, which asked over 3,000 people, also found strong generational trends, with those under 35 far more likely to support same-sex couples bringing up children.

One in five of 17-34 year olds think gay male couples can’t bring up children as well as opposite sex couples, in comparison to 57% of the over-55s;

And 17% of 17-34 year olds think lesbian couples can’t bring up children as well as couples of the opposite sex, in comparison to 50% of the over-55s.

Penny Young, Chief Executive of NatCen Social Research commented: ‘This research shows just how much things have changed, but also that among a large minority traditional perceptions of families remain intact.

‘Although campaigners may well be disheartened by just how much this issue continues to divide the public, there are certainly positives for them to take from this research – the vast generational differences suggest a view on its way out.’

In the world’s largest study on the affect gay parents has on children, the initial results found kids are generally happier, healthier and more sociable than those raised by straights.



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