Half of Italian LGBT students report gay hate

A survey conducted by Gay.it and Demoskopea reveals that 9% of the interviewees have been physically assaulted

Half of Italian LGBT students report gay hate
11 December 2012

Almost half of Italian LGBT students have been victims of gay hate and almost one in 10 have been physically attacked.

That’s the result of a new survey of high school students conducted by Gay.it and Demoskopea.

More than 2,000 students were interviewed. Of those reporting acts of homophobia, 77% reported verbal offences, a quarter have been bullied and 9% reported physical assaults.

According to the interviewees, 90% of them have been discriminated against by their school-mates, and 15% by their teachers.

More than 85% of teachers, even though they are aware of episodes of gay hate, did not react properly and did not punish the homophobic students, the survey claims.

Only 7% of the students came out at school. But many more are called ‘gay’ because of their different tastes and behaviors.

More than 70% say that Italy is a ‘homophobic country’ although more than 40% think the situation is getting better. And nine out of 10 of the interviewees don’t trust Italian politicians.

The survey did not reveal a difference between the south and the north of the country. There’s no geographic divide and the level of discrimination is widespread.

Finally, 60% of the interviewees would never walk hand-in-hand with their partners. 



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