Harry and Niall’s One Direction ‘gay kiss’ that was really a whisper

Band mates Harry Styles and Niall Horan share an 'intimate moment' together on stage which has got tongues wagging

Harry and Niall’s One Direction ‘gay kiss’ that was really a whisper
26 June 2012

On the long touring road for one of the biggest new boy bands, the members must find it hard to not be ‘intimate’ with one another.

As fans found out on Sunday (24 June), One Direction’s Harry Styles and Niall Horan shared a moment together while performing debut hit ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ in Texas.

Styles and Horan are seen apparently nearly locking lips, and have had many fans wondering whether the film cuts away just before a kiss or just an innocent whisper?

Zayn Malik is also seen affectionately touching his fellow band mate, as he is seen tickling Styles’ face and pulling his shirt up to flash his torso to the screaming fans.

To be honest, most fans commenting on the video, and Gay Star News itself, have concluded the ‘moment’ was a mere quirk of camera angle and the ‘kiss’ never took place at all.

But that hasn’t stopped the video going viral and being discussed on entertainment websites and national radio.

One Direction is currently on their first headline tour in America following the success of their debut album ‘Up All Night’.

The group countersued an American band last week, also called One Direction, who they claim to have the rights to the name in the US.

On the YouTube video, one avid viewer writes: ‘Even though they weren’t kissing we can always pretend they did.’

Check out the innocent (or was it?) moment here: 



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