Hate group assault Romania gay film screening shouting ‘death to gays’

During a screening of a gay film in Romania gay hate group verbally assaulted spectators while the police stood by and did nothing

Hate group assault Romania gay film screening shouting ‘death to gays’
23 February 2013

A screening of the US film ‘The Kids Are All Right’ was violently interrupted in Bucharest, Romania, by gay hate group shouting verbal abuse while police refused to help.

The screening, which was supported by the US Embassy, took place as part of the LGBT History Month at the Museum of the Romanian Peasant (MRP) on the evening of 20 February.

Romania’s LGBT association, Accept, reported that group included around 50 extreme right militants who stopped the screening a few minutes after it had started.

The group verbal assaulted film-goers calling them ‘beasts’, ‘scum’ and chanting ‘Death to the homosexuals’, ‘we don’t want you here’, and ‘you are not Romanians’.

Besides the assault, militants also filmed and photographed attendants.

The militants then proceeded to sing the Romanian national anthem and Christian Orthodox chants, and used religious symbols (icons) as well as fascist ones (the Nazi salutes).

According to reports of Accept, the deputy director of the Museum, Mihai Gheorghiu, who was present at the screen idly stood by and failed to intervene.

Accept also reported it previously asked for police protection and when Virgil Nitulescu, the museum’s director, made an emergency call asking for police intervention, the officers who arrived at the scene did nothing to stop the militants’ bullying and incitement to hatred against LGBT people.

Accept’s lawyer, Lustina Ionescu stated: ‘Under the guise of neutrality, in the past two years this type of non-intervention has become commonplace by law enforcement authorities in Romania.

‘Moreover, authorities, including the prosecutor general fail to take measures for identifying, pursuing and applying penal sanctions to such aggressors and the organisations which support them.

‘Such violent incidents are by no means singular, and the response of the authorites is both ineffective and unprofessional’.

In a letter by Accept and ActiveWatch, a Romanian media monitoring agency, the two organizations demanded that authorities investigate the violent attack and the non-response of the police to a hate crime.

In addition they called upon the Romanian ministry of culture to dismiss Gheorghiu from his position as deputy museum director for failing to take action.

Last November, seven young women and men have been physically assaulted by a group of ten people wearing hoods, in downtown Bucharest, after attending an academic debate about the history of homosexuality in Romania.

Despite significant legal progress toward LGBT rights, Romania remains a very socially conservative and even discriminatory towards its LGBT citizens. 

Watch the right wing hate group interrupt the screeing here:



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