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Hate group fail: Used gay band's song for anti-gay marriage ad

The XX, with two out of three gay members, is to sue a Croatia anti-gay marriage group for using their music without permission
The XX is to sue Croatia anti-gay campaigners after they used their song without permission.
Photo by Stefano Masseli

Gay British band The XX is to sue homophobic Croatia campaigners for using their music without permission.

In The Name Of The Family, a Christian anti-gay group, decided to release the commercial calling for a ban on gay marriage.

A referendum on banning marriage equality will take place on 1 December.

The Christian group chose to use The XX’s ‘Intro’, a track that has been the score of many TV shows and films, for their anti-gay campaign.

But what In The Name Of The Family did not realise was two out of the three members of the indie pop band are gay. And The XX are not pleased the group used their song without permission.

A representative of The XX sent a letter to Croatian members of parliament asking for advice regarding the group.

‘Management are looking to pursue this. Obviously the band are completely at odds with what the movement stands for and want to take appropriate action,’ it said, as reported by

The British indie group is quite big in Croatia, having performed at Terraneo festival last year.

It is believed In The Name of The Family spent 48 million Croatian Kuna ($8.5 million, €6.2 million) on their campaign to get equal marriage banned.

Over 700,000 people, nearly a quarter of all people in Croatia, have signed their name to a petition calling for the ban.

The country is holding the petition despite the liberal President Ivo Josipovic and Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic saying will be voting against the proposals.

Josipovic said: ‘Determining marriage between a man and a woman does not belong in the constitution. A nation is judged by its attitude toward minorities.’

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