Head of Human Rights Campaign wants gay to be appointed to Obama cabinet and more

Chad Griffin: 'I hope this president and this White House will seize the opportunity'

Head of Human Rights Campaign wants gay to be appointed to Obama cabinet and more
09 November 2012

President Barack Obama, who publicly endorsed gay marriage earlier this year, was helped greatly by the LGBT vote in being elected to a second term this week.

Now leaders in the LGBT equality movement want more.

The Human Rights Campaign’s Chad Griffin, president of the largest LGBT equality-rights advocacy group and political lobbying organization in the US, is calling for inclusion in the cabinet and other positions.

‘We made historic progress with President Obama in terms of our openly LGBT appointments across the board,’ Griffin tells BuzzFeed. ‘We now have the opportunity, and I hope this president and this White House will seize the opportunity to have the first openly LGBT Cabinet secretary, the first openly LGBT G-8 ambassador, and across the board with administrative appointments and judges as well.’

Also high on HRC’s list of priorities is getting Obama to sign an executive order making the Employment Non-Discrimination Act law. It would ban private employers from discriminating against LGBT people.

Griffin notes that the president has the ability to take action and needs to because the US House of Representatives, still controlled by the Republican party, has no plans to.

‘This president could issue an executive order protecting federal contractors,’ he said. ‘It’s something I’ve pushed for, I’ve urged, privately and publicly. We will continue to do that.’



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