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Heather Peace wants to be first lesbian Doctor Who with 1D assistant

As Heather Peace eyes up the keys to the TARDIS, could the world be ready for a female Doctor and which member of One Direction will be her side-kick?
Lesbian actress Heather Peace wants to be the first female Doctor Who.

Lesbian pin-up Heather Peace says she wants to be ‘the first female Doctor Who’ complete with a member of One Direction as her companion.

Peace, 38, believes her dream to take the helm of the TARDIS, the Doctor's famous blue-box timemachine, is a realistic one and that the time has come for change.

‘I want to be the first female Doctor Who,' reports the BBC.

‘I think they should turn the whole thing around, I'll be in my 40s soon and you need to be a bit older with a young a male sidekick who is completely in love with her but she's not interested.

‘I've got it all figured out. It could be one of the One Direction boys. Time travelling is so for me.’

Well, Harry Styles has been known to go for older women, after all.

Her statement comes shortly after the news that Peter Capaldi is to take up the iconic role, in the 12th incarnation of the character.

Peace is best known for her roles in, Emmerdale, Waterloo Road and hit lesbian drama Lip Service, a show detailing the lives of a group of lesbians living in Glasgow, Scotland.

She said of her decision to leave Emmerdale for Lip ServiceCou: ‘I knew as a gay woman that if I turned it down I'd be mortified because I'd watch it.’

Peace, who entered into a civil partnership this summer, believes the industry is changing in its attitude towards both women and members of the LGBT community:

‘When I was 24 I was told not to come out, because I was there as a female in a man's world, you can't even believe that now. But things have changed so much and I have nothing to lose now.’

Peace is a patron of Manchester Pride and Diversity Role Models, a group is ‘tackling homophobia through education’.

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