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Hilton uses Twitter to get an invite to Cher's home

Cher and Perez Hilton will soon have 'a girls night' out

Today Perez Hilton discovered the importance, and joy, of social media. The entertainment writer went to Twitter and invited himself to Cher's house for 'a girls night.' The gay icon agreed.

'I am in gay heaven right now," Hilton tweeted.

Hilton has been blogging about entertainment since 2004. He has been profiled by MTV, CBS News, and CNN. His run-ins with the famous are legendary. He and Miss California's Carrie Prejean got into a bitter public spat over her answer to a same sex marriage question. in 2009, he called a 'disgusting human being' and accused the musician of striking him. The culprit actually was's bodyguard.

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