Hollywood power couple’s Gangnam Style wedding

Cougar Town producer Danny Rose and husband arrive at their wedding reception on a white unicorn to Madonna's Like A Virgin

Hollywood power couple’s Gangnam Style wedding
24 October 2012

A Hollywood power couple have thrown a wedding in Los Angeles which makes Elton John’s nuptials look conventional.

Riding a white ‘unicorn’ to Madonna’s Like A Virgin, Cougar Town producer Danny Rose and lawyer husband Aaron Rosenberg arrived at their wedding reception in camp over-the-top style.

The happy couple’s loyal steed was transformed into the mythical beast by sticking a horn on its head and was dressed in a white robe with a star of David printed on it to represent their religion.

But the ‘Jew-nicorn’ wasn’t the only surprise at the wedding.

Korean rapper Psy had guests, which included Cougar Town star Courtney Cox, busting silly dance moves to his mega-hit Gangnam Style, reported the New York Post.

The K-Pop superstar was booked as a gift for Rosenberg by music mogul Scooter Braun. Other performances came from Joss Stone, Ciara and John Legend, while Jennifer Lopez sent a birthday tribute in a video message.

Rose later tweeted photos of the party, including a snap of two giant ‘Rs’ which had been brought in to represent the grooms’ surnames, a shot of a man in a cowboy hat showing off the ‘Jew-nicorn’ to smiling guests and the newly-weds posing with Psy.

Rose and Rosenberg also made a special video to open their ceremony at Paramount Studios on Saturday (20 October), featuring The Muppets singing ‘Somebody’s Getting Married’ cut with home video footage of the pair getting ready for their big day.

It’s the second time Rose put his producing skills to good use, having made a dance music video to propose to the love of his life.

Watch the happy couple’s wedding and proposal videos below:



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