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Homophobe mom who punched gay son in face in front of police fined by Scottish court

A homophobic mother of ten who punched her gay son in the face after he came out to her has been ordered to pay hundreds of pounds in fines and compensation by a Scottish court
Kinross' High Street
Photo by Paul McIlroy

A homophobic mother who verbally abused her oldest son and punched him in the face is being ordered to pay hundreds of pounds in compensation.

Scott Green, 21, had come out to his mother Emma Green and told her he had a boyfriend at a family gathering at her home in Kinross, Scotland.

Instead of sympathy, she responded with homophobic slurs calling him a 'poof', a 'gay bender' and telling him 'you take cock up the ass - you're nothing but a dirty queer.'

As the argument between the pair escalated, police were called and the mother punched her son in the face as he was being arrested on suspicion of assault in the street outside her home.

Police then arrested her, at which point prosecutor Lisa Marshall told the Perth Sherrif Court that the mother said: 'I'm homophobic. I don't care - I hate the little gay bender.'

Green's lawyer John Adams told the court the pair had reconciled since the incident.

‘There is no ongoing ill-feeling between them,’ Adams said, according to the Daily Record.

Sheriff Lindsay Foulis told the court Green had acted stupidly.

‘If she hadn’t been so stupid as to strike her son when he was being held by police officers, nine times out of 10 this wouldn’t have seen the light of day,’ Foulis said.

‘You can’t act in this way and it was added to by the fact it was prejudiced.’

Green was ordered to pay a total of £300 ($495, €360) in compensation to her son.

Charges over the alleged assault by the son have been dropped.

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