Homosexuality is ‘demonic’ says renowned Nigeria pastor

Wole Oladiyun, a Nigerian Evangelical pastor said God hates gays who disfigure honor and glory

Homosexuality is ‘demonic’ says renowned Nigeria pastor
13 March 2013

A famous Nigerian pastor has compared homosexuality to bestiality and incest saying it was ‘demonic’ and ‘disfigures’ God’s glory.

The pastor, Wole Oladiyun, of Christ Livingspring Apostolic Ministry (CLAM), also equated gay sex with prostitution, adultery and fornication and said oral sex dishonours people, ‘unhygienic and dirty’.

Oladiyn, a senior pastor at CLAM, has been quoted as saying: ‘Homosexualism, lesbianism, beastialism and incest will disfigure your glory. God hates them’.

‘Prostitution, adultery and fornication will grieve a glorious destiny. May I equally add that men and women sucking their private parts are damaging their glories. Demonic partners have done a lot of havoc through this act.’

‘Honestly, it is simply unhygienic and dirty’.

The remarks come in the wake that Nigeria’s Football Federation denied it had banned lesbian players from the national women’s team, the Super Falcons.

It also comes days after the Queen has implicitly called for Commonwealth countries (of which Nigeria is a part), to stop discrimination against LGBT people.

Comenting on the remarks, Adebisi Alimi, a Nigerian LGBT rights advocate told Gay Star News: ‘The likes of Pastor Wole Oladiyun reinforces uninformed religious obsession and stereotypes around pleasurable sex.

‘I can see that in his drive to gain more members into his church, demonising sex becomes a priority.

‘The unnecessary attacks on LGBTI people in the name of fame and attention must stop. I urge everyone to stand up against this kind of statements and outbursts.

‘It is pure incitement to hate and self harm’.

Veteran British human rights campaigner, Peter Tatchell, has criticized the pastor saying:’Pastor Wole Oladiyun is preaching a false, unchristian gospel.

‘Jesus Christ condemned many sins but he never once condemned homosexuality.

‘The Christian gospel is one of love and compassion. It is not consistent with homophobic prejudice.

‘Homophobia is not a Christian value.

‘He should welcome loving, committed same-sex couples into its communion – and cease supporting the persecution of gay people in Nigeria.

‘I am not asking Pastor Oldiyun to approve of homosexuality but I do ask him to stop vilifying gay Nigerians’.

Last week, a Nigerian Anglican Primate said that gay marriage and people are ‘works of the devil’.

The anti gay-discourse has been whipped for several months, after the president of the Nigerian senate, David Mark, has insisted that a planned bill prohibiting same sex marriage and jailing all gay people and anyone who fails to report LGBT people to the authorities, will become law despite international pressure.

The bill also stipulates 10 years imprisonment punishment for participating or organizing any form of gay related activities, including advocacy or clubs.  



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