Hong Kong’s first openly gay politician will fight for same-sex marriage

Ray Chan Chi-chuen says same-sex marriage and an end to sexual orientation discrimination is on the agenda for Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s first openly gay politician will fight for same-sex marriage
17 September 2012

Hong Kong’s first openly gay politician has announced in an interview that he will fight for same-sex marriage.

Ray Chan Chi-chuen told AFP:

‘There is no protection for gay couples. I hope we can enact laws to ban discrimination against one’s sexual orientation as soon as possible and of course, the long-term goal is to amend the laws to allow same-sex marriage.’

Hong Kong is one of China’s special administrative regions (SAR) with a separate political and legal system from the mainland, inherited from its time as a British colony. But as Chan is part of the minority pro-democracy People Power his policies are unlikely to gain majority support right away.

‘It may take one term, it may take two terms, but at least there’s someone who gets the ball rolling,’ said Chan, adding that same-sex couples have none of the property inheritance or tax allowance benefits that straight couples have in the SAR.

Chan only revealed his sexuality after he was elected to the legislative council on 9 September, but he says he has received overwhelming support since coming out publicly.

The 40-year-old said he split-up with his boyfriend during the election campaign but said ‘my dream is that one day when same-sex marriage is allowed in Hong Kong, I will be the first to get married’. 



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