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Hong Kong Big Love Alliance inspires elderly male couple to come out in China

Adorable elderly Chinese couple declare their love for each other on Weibo (China's Twitter)
The retired history teacher and water delivery man sing a love song together

An LGBT rights group formed in response to the Hong Kong government's refusal to engage on improving rights for sexual minorities has inspired an elderly couple in China to come out and declare their love for each other.

Big Love Alliance's campaign has been a huge hit on Weibo (China's Twitter) with thousands of celebrities and ordinary 'netizens' posting their support.

The campaign inspired retired history teacher and a water delivery man to publicly express their love for each other, Shanghaiist reports.

Although the couple has stayed anonymous, they have posted pictures and a video of them singing a love song.

'We won't part till we die,' the couple wrote on Weibo. 'We will strive to be together no matter how hard and painful it is.'

The retired history teacher, who is divorced, told that he met his partner when he delivered water to him. He said that being together was tough, only a few friends support them and his child has stopped talking to him, but they are in love.

Watch an adorable video of the couple singing famous Chinese love song The Moon Represents My Heart here:  

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