Hospital in Padua first to recognize gay parents

When a new baby is born, now the parents are indicated as 'partners' instead of 'mom' and 'dad'

Hospital in Padua first to recognize gay parents
03 January 2013

A hospital in Padua, in northern Italy’s Veneto region, has started to write on new parents’ bracelets ‘partner’ instead of ‘mom’ and ‘dad’.

The new move was requested by a lesbian couple who gave birth to a baby on New Year’s Eve, following an In Vitro Fertilisation abroad.

The two mothers would not accept a bracelet indicating one of them as a ‘dad’.

The Padua hospital, like all the hospitals in Italy, provides the bracelets when a new baby is born.

One is worn by the baby, one by the mother and one by the father. But the lesbian couple refused to accept the bracelets and asked for two items indicating them as ‘partners’.

Giovanni Battista Nardelli, the hospital manager, said: ‘We decided to satisfy the two mothers’ needs. And we’ve done our best.’

The news has been welcomed by Italian LGBT associations as a small step against discrimination.

Italian same-sex couples don’t have any rights and are not recognized by law.



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