How much is that bandana in the window?

Stonewall showcases the latest in canine quality to aid its campaign for global equality

How much is that bandana in the window?
04 July 2012 Print This Article

The ‘Woof for Equality’ bandana is the latest product on sale from Stonewall, in an aim to show gay rights support from man’s best friend.

This is the latest in UK-based gay rights charity Stonewall’s merchandising range of equality promoting products, including t-shirts, mugs and bags.

If you are a dog lover, the red bandana of equality will show off your faithful canine companion as loyal as its master to the fight for gay rights.

To get your paws on one of these fabulous bandanas to keep your four-legged friend warm and styled, prices are £5 each plus £1 postage and packaging.

The bandanas are available, sadly, to UK residents only as Stonewall is unable to offer international shipping. All orders are dispatched within 10 working days.

To place an order, just visit the Stonewall website.

Stonewall is already known for its ‘Some people are gay – get over it!’ t-shirts: GSN has suggested their next range should be ‘Some people are dogs – get over it!’ We are waiting to hear back from them…



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