How not to react when your son tells you that he’s gay

This family will not listen as they kick their 20-year-old son out, hit him, and disown him

How not to react when your son tells you that he’s gay
28 August 2014

Daniel is 20. Brought up in a hyper religious household, he knew the day was coming when his parents would kick him out.

On Reddit, user rythymknight posted a video on the sub-reddit GayBros of the day in question.

‘You have made a choice, independent of what you’ve told your daddy,’ Daniel’s mother is heard saying.

‘You can deny it all you want to but I believe in the word of God. And God creates nobody that way, it is a path that you have chosen.’

Even though Daniel tells his mother he cannot change his sexuality, and that is scientific proof, basic biology, she won’t listen.

‘Since you have chosen that path, we will not support you any longer. You will need to move out and find wherever you can to live and do you want to. I will not let people believe I condone what you do.’

It then escalates into an argument, with a voice yelling at Daniel that he made the choice to be gay.

‘Let me tell you something you piece of shit!’ Daniel is hit, and yells of ‘damned queer’ can be heard.

Rythymknight then said he was forced to leave.

‘It’s been a really traumatic experience for [my boyfriend], and I feel so terrible and angry that this happened,’ he said.

‘Fortunately, he’s living with a friend for now. Seems like he can be there long-term until he’s able to support himself.’

UPDATE: Since publishing this article, the LGBTI community has come to Daniel’s aid. Read more here.

Watch the video below:



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