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At HRC gala, celebs speak out to Gay Star News about gay marriages in Michigan

Jesse Tyler Ferguson, George Takei, Meredith Baxter and others thrilled with recent court rulings
Jesse_Tyler_Ferguson and husband Justin_Mikita
Photos by Greg Hernandez

The Human Rights Campaign gala in Los Angeles took place over the weekend just hours after hundreds of same-sex couples had gotten married in Michigan.

A federal judge had overturned the state's gay marriage ban on Friday (21 March) leading to an immediate rush of marriages.

Even though the marriages were halted mid-day by an appeals court, that did not dampen the enthusiasm of celebrities as they arrived at the gala and chatted with Gay Star News about the latest legal victory.

'It's such a snowball effect right now that I just get so excited each time there's another one,' said Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson who married husband Justin Mikita in New York last year.

'It's the momentum that really excites me,' he added. 'But of course I'm waiting for the day that it's going to be all 50 states. It's like when you're sitting at a slot machine and the money keeps coming out - that's kind of what it feels like. It's kind of nice that it's slow because it keeps us excited.'

Michigan is the latest in a string of legal victories in various states in recent months. No federal judge has ruled against marriage equality since the US Supreme Court gutted the Defense of Marriage Act in  a landmark ruling last June.

'Isn't that amazing? It's stunning and it makes me so happy,' said an overjoyed Meredith Baxter who married longtime partner Nancy Locke last year in California.

'The tide is going this way and no one can be surprised,' she added. 'And this last-minute effort to try and stay the decision and not let (the marriages) happen is just so foolish. It's sad actually -particularly when you look at what is happening. How can they not see? I don't get it.'

Bob Harper, an openly trainer on NBC's The Biggest Loser, got the news Friday via a news alert on his phone and thought, 'Yay Michigan! Good job!'

'It just keeps happening,' he says. 'It's like slowly but surely every state is going to follow suit. It's like a domino effect.'

Peter Paige, the Queer as Folk star who now produces and writes the ABC Family series The Fosters, was also overjoyed.

'You almost can't keep track now, it's fantastic - I just can't get over it,' he said. 'This is what we've all been fighting for. You feel the dominos falling. I couldn't be more pleased.'

Star Trek icon George Takei is happy for each legal victory but laments the appeals that have led to stays not only in Michigan but also in Utah, Virginia, Oklahoma and Texas.

Takei, married to husband Brad since 2008, had a prediction for GSN: 'In two years, we're going to have the United States of America.'

He added: 'Right now, we're divided.'

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