Human Rights Campaign donates $1 million to marriage fights in four states

Maine, Washington, Maryland and Minnesota have ballot measures on ballot

Human Rights Campaign donates $1 million to marriage fights in four states
06 August 2012

The Human Rights Campaign announced Monday (6 August) that it is contributing a total of $1million (€805,000) to four states that have marriage-related measures on the ballot in November.

HRC, the largest civil rights organization in the US, has established a special ballot measure Political Action Committee and will split the money evenly so that Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington will each get $250,000 (€200,000).

‘This is a tipping point year in the fight for marriage equality that requires significant investment,’ HRC President Chad Griffin in a statement. ‘We are committed to making sure this is the year that our opponents can no longer claim Americans will not support marriage equality at the ballot box.’

Since 2011, HRC has contributed a total of $4.8million (€3.9million) on marriage equality-related efforts and is expected to give more in the coming months.

The November election is considered a crucial opportunity to put an end to the losing streak marriage equality supporters have suffered at the polls in recent years.

The current ballot measures vary: Maine voters will be asked to make marriage legal for gays and lesbians in their state while Minnesota voters will be asked to ban it.

The measures in Maryland and Washington give voters the opportunity to affirm marriage equality laws passed by the state legislature and signed by the respective governors.

‘All of these campaigns are winnable but they need resources to educate voters and fight back the lies from groups like the National Organization for Marriage,’ said Griffin. ‘The country is moving in the direction of equality and a win in any of these states will show that marriage equality is quickly becoming a mainstream, American value.’



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