Hundreds protest against gay marriage in Sierra Leone

Gay activists fear repeat of last Friday's anti-gay protests in Freetown.

Hundreds protest against gay marriage in Sierra Leone
05 January 2012

Hundreds of anti-gay protesters hit the streets of Freetown in Sierra Leone last Friday to vent their anger over the possibility of same-sex marriage in the African country.

And activists fear a repeat of the violence tomorrow.

According to the Africa Review, close to 1,000 people thronged the streets of the capital’s east side and the demonstration’s organisers, the Inveterate International Islamic Revitalists, warned it could be a bi-weekly event.

The group fears the pro-same-sex marriage stance of many Western countries could influence Sierra Leone’s government.

Protester Shiekh Marra said they staged the event because ‘we want government to understand the repercussion of endorsing the practice of same-sex marriage.’

But members of the only active pro-gay rights group in the country, Why Can`t We Get Married, dismissed protesters’ claims that homosexuality is a foreign import.

George Reginald Freeman, who is also the West Africa Regional Director for the group, fears another similar sized demonstration will happen tomorrow.

He said: ‘The problem is people are not educated about the issues and then they tend to be homophobic.

‘I myself receive a lot of harassment and a lot of threatening remarks.

‘Just after the protest, even my car battery was stolen. Homophobia here is really bad. They were trying to get to me but I was not in the car.

‘We have to change where we sleep every night so they don’t come and get us.’







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