Husband and wife to be banned by gay marriage warns Free Church of Scotland

Terms like ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ will be obsolete if the Scottish government goes ahead with introducing same-sex marriage, warns the Free Church of Scotland 

Husband and wife to be banned by gay marriage warns Free Church of Scotland
23 September 2012

The Free Church of Scotland claimed that terms such as ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ could vanish from official paperwork if the Scottish Government legalise same-sex marriage.

In addition the church said its ‘unconvinced’ by the safeguards being proposed by the government to people and institutions who object to gay marriage.

The comments came after a delegation from the Free Church met with a Scottish Government official earlier this week to discuss the planned legalisation of same-sex ­marriage, revealed the Scotsman, a daily newspaper published in Scotland.

Dr Malcolm Maclean, editor of the Free Church’s monthly magazine and minister in Inverness, who attended the meeting, was quoted by the Scotsman as saying that they were ‘saddened’ by the government’s ‘determination’ to see the legislation through.

He said: ‘If the government proceeds with this redefinition of marriage, what is to stop it further redefining marriage in the future?

‘Further, having met with the government official, we also remain unconvinced about the proposed protections or safeguards for ministers, teachers and other public-sector workers who object to this new meaning.

‘Even if we could trust politicians of the present to be bound by their own words, they cannot bind future politicians.’

During the same meeting the Free Church stated that commonly used phrases such as ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ are to ‘vanish’ from official paperwork due to the proposed marriage equality bill.

The Free Church has accused the government of ‘ignoring’ the results of its own consultation in which the vast majority of Scottish respondents opposed the move.

Reverend Alex MacDonald, who wrote the Free Church’s response to last year’s consultation, said that there was a clear majority against same-sex marriage: ‘It is astounding how they can proceed with such pace when it is clear these plans are unwelcome, ill-thought out and likely to have widespread ­consequences.’

Its poll and consultation was largely criticised as misleading, biased and flawed.

A recent poll by YouGov and Stonewall Scotland show a majority of Scots (64%) support marriage equality.
A 12-week consultation is due out next month with a view to a bill being introduced at the Scottish Parliament in June 2013.

Responding to the Free Church’s comments, a Scottish Government spokeswoman said: ‘We are totally committed to ­protecting religious freedom and freedom of expression, and ensuring that religious celebrants opposed to same sex marriage do not have to solemnise same-sex ceremonies.’

Equality Network’s policy coordinator, Tom French, said as far as he was aware, neither side of the debate had been involved in official meetings with Alex Neil, who is leading the legislation, on what the government’s firm proposals for further safeguards will be.

‘What we do know is that no religious body will be required to carry out same-sex marriages, that is very clear, it’s covered by the Equality Act and European law.

‘They are also going that step further because there’s a situation whereby some religious groups might want some of their celebrants to be able to, but not force everyone to, conduct same-sex marriages.’

Robert Canning, a spokesperson for Secular Scotland said: ‘If marriage is valued so highly it should be open to all adults capable of respecting that value. One marriage does not devaluate another, and religious objections should not prevent civil freedoms. Since churches are not forced to participate, they have no legal interest in the matter.’



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