The husband of Good Morning America’s Sam Champion didn’t fall in love with a TV star

Rubem Robierb: 'When Sam and I began hanging out, I didn’t know anything about him'

The husband of Good Morning America’s Sam Champion didn’t fall in love with a TV star
04 February 2013

Millions of television viewers may know Sam Champion as the longtime weather anchor on ABC’s Good Morning America but new husband Rubem Robierb was not among them.

‘When Sam and I began hanging out, I didn’t know anything about him – his world was not part of my universe,’ Robierb says in the ‘Love Issue’ of Out Magazine. ‘I don’t watch TV and I wake up at 9:30 every day.’

He adds: ‘The great thing about our relationship is that it developed outside the noise of our professional worlds, without last names, without labels. It was just Sam and Rubem.’

The couple married in New York City on December 21 then held a New Year’s Eve wedding reception in Miami which is Robierb’s hometown. It was at a New Year’s Eve party that the couple first met.

‘I was party-hopping, as you do in Miami, and we kept running into each other and locking eyes,’ Champion remembers. ‘Eventually he asked for my number, and a few days later we met for a date. Fast-forward a year, and we are at the same New Year’s party. The host silences the room to make a toast, and I’m thinking, Oh no, this is where everyone has to talk about what they’re grateful for, and I’m unprepared. But then Rubem stands up and I look at him and realize he is proposing.’

Robierb, a professional photographer, marvels at how times are changing gay people.

‘I grew up in a really, really small town in the center of Brazil, at a time when we had no idea that we could be ourselves,’ he says. ‘There are role models for people today, but we had no choice but to become our own role models.’



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