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Ian McKellen to marry Patrick Stewart

Hobbit-actor says he will officiate at wedding ceremony of Stewart and singer-songwriter Sunny Ozell
Ian McKellen on The Jonathan Ross Show

Gandalf-actor Ian McKellen will officiate at the wedding ceremony of X-men star Patrick Stewart when he marries singer-songwriter Sunny Ozell.

McKellen announced the news when he was being interviewed on The Jonathan Ross show last Saturday.

'I'm going to marry Patrick,' said McKellen who acts opposite Stewart in X-men. 'I am going to officiate at his wedding.'

McKellen said he has officiated once before for two men at a civil partnership in the UK. 'I was crying my eyes out,' he said.

A date for Stewart's wedding has not been announced, but it will be performed somewhere 'in the middle of America', McKellen said. Stewart has been married once before, but divorced in 1990.

McKellen also spoke about his new sitcom Viscous Old Queens, in which he stars with fellow gay actor Derek Jacobi, and the secrecy of gay life in the 1950s

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